ASCOMSpecialising in composites


ASCOM custom composites has been making the most diverse polyester products since the early 1990s. Because that's what we do, we Make!

Every project, large or small, simple or complex, is approached professionally and realistically. No castles in the sky or slick sales pitches, we make high-quality fibre-reinforced products that fit the wishes of our customers. Thanks to a broad portfolio and accumulated expertise in various branches and niches, we can properly substantiate choices and advise you about the route to be followed.


'Standing still is going backwards' is a huge cliché, but it is the truth. To keep up with the latest developments you must keep moving. This dynamic has become a constant at ASCOM custom composites. Investigate, analyse, improve, scale up, limit. We continuously work on the best solution of the moment. Whether it concerns CNC-controlled operations, hybrid composites, RTM-series production or 3D scanning. We continue to intensify our techniques and knowledge.


Polyester composites arise from a chemical reaction that requires no external energy source. The result is a lightweight, strong material with a long lifespan. That makes it an extremely durable product. In addition, we try to deal with our raw materials as efficiently as possible, for example by CNC cutting the glass packages, so cutting waste is reduced to a minimum. Not only do we use raw materials economically in production, we also try to keep energy consumption low. For example, there is floor heating throughout the building, we only use LED lighting and the entire roof surface is equipped with solar panels.